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  • 🀫
  • πŸ€—
  • 🀩
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    Our website allows users to convert their written text into natural sounding speech. Simply type or paste your text into our online editor, and then click the "play" button to hear your words spoken out loud. Our text-to-speech technology uses advanced algorithms to accurately and naturally replicate human voice patterns, allowing you to easily create audio versions of your written content. Whether you want to add a voiceover to your latest video project, create an audiobook, or simply want to hear your words spoken aloud, our website has you covered. Give it a try today and experience the power of voice technology.

    Our Advantages


    Easy TTS Converter

    Use our tool to convert your plain text into speech in a few steps: Paste your text, choose the voice you like, then download!


    Natural sounding voices.

    You can select different voices depending on the gender and language you wish to convert from or to.


    Speech emotion and style

    Select how the generated voices should sound: happy, angry, sad and many more.

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    What customers are saying about Text To Voice

    Text to Voice is a time saver. I was able to convert my blog posts to spoken words with a nice background music.
    Tom Powell
    I've been looking for a way to convert text into speech online and found this tool. It’s great! I used it in my podcast to be able to read out content instead of recording myself reading it, which saved me tons of time. Awesome work!
    Maria Parker
    Heather Miller
    I have used various text to speech online converters and this is the best one.
    Theresa Mason
    Easy, fast and high quality.
    Andrew Collins
    Logan Rogers

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